Dynamic Trunk Protocol (DTP)

victor melo 3:52:00 PM
A dynamic trunk protocol enables dynamic negotiation of trunk encapsulation types between ports connecting intermediate stations in a comp...Read More
Dynamic Trunk Protocol (DTP) Dynamic Trunk Protocol (DTP) Reviewed by victor melo on 3:52:00 PM Rating: 5

AAAdot1x Lab Sim

victor melo 8:49:00 AM
Acme is a small shipping company that has an existing enterprise network comprised of 2 switches;DSW1 and ASW1. The topology diagram ...Read More
AAAdot1x Lab Sim  AAAdot1x Lab Sim Reviewed by victor melo on 8:49:00 AM Rating: 5


victor melo 3:52:00 PM
MLS and EIGRP   This is a popular lab on the web, but everywhere I go, I saw it incomplete, so I tried to finish properly...Read More
MLS and EIGRP Sim MLS and EIGRP Sim Reviewed by victor melo on 3:52:00 PM Rating: 5

LACP with STP Sim

victor melo 6:35:00 AM
I saw this lab in a couple of places on the internet..They were incomplete, or worst..Over worked with extra configuration that ...Read More
LACP with STP Sim LACP with STP Sim Reviewed by victor melo on 6:35:00 AM Rating: 5

Virtual Switching System (VSS)

victor melo 12:37:00 PM
Virtual Switching System (VSS ) allows two Cisco Catalyst 6500 or 4500 switches to be connected together so that they appear to the net...Read More
Virtual Switching System (VSS) Virtual Switching System (VSS) Reviewed by victor melo on 12:37:00 PM Rating: 5


victor melo 4:47:00 PM
 SNMP is still the most popular way to monitor the performance of network devices, including Cisco routers and switches. With an SN...Read More
SNMP SNMP Reviewed by victor melo on 4:47:00 PM Rating: 5

Configuring SYSLOG & NTP

victor melo 5:18:00 PM
Knowing how to properly use logging is a necessary skill for any network administrator. It's vital that you know how to use log...Read More
Configuring SYSLOG & NTP Configuring SYSLOG & NTP Reviewed by victor melo on 5:18:00 PM Rating: 5
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